Joystick events using Vulkan

Hello, i’m trying to implement joysticks/gamepads events and inputs on a Windows Vulkan app (GLFW 3.3.10), but i can’t detect any connected joystick using the glfwSetJoystickCallback(() or a for from GLFW_JOYSTICK_1 to GLFW_JOYSTICK_LAST in loop checking for glfwJoystickPresent().
Running the joystick test it works perfectly, so i go through the source code and check if im missing something ut i didn’t find anything. I see that doesn’t use Vulkan, so, maybe i have to do something special to get joysticks functionality using Vulkan with GLFW.
Someone have more information about that? Or any minimal/complete code using Vulkan and Joysticks?

I found the problem, but i didn’t found a solution, i’m usng the steamworks sdk, when i initialize steam it “blocks/disable” the glfw joysticks callbacks and functions, if i didn’t initialize steam everything works fine.
Someone deal with that? Is there any solution?
I don’t want to use the steam sdk input api, it’s hard to “connect” with my actual implementation.

I’ve not used the Steamworks SDK in a long time but I don’t think it should be interfering with input, nor with windows event processing.

One thing you could try is to add a Steamworks init to the GLFW joystick test program to see if that causes issues.