GLFW for Logitech or Thrustmaster Hotas

I am planning to buy a Logitech or Thrustmaster Hotas Flight Simuation pack [1,2].
They have joystick, many keys and pedals.
I plan to collect data from these devices via C++.
However, as they are expensive, I would like to make sure if I purchase them, does GLFW fully support such hardwares?

I have not found any online complete SDK library and sample codes specific for any of these devices. Should someone uses their specific SDK or does GLFW cover them?



Joysticks are normally supported via the native APIs for a given OS, for example on Windows GLFW uses either DirectInput or XInput and any joystick supporting either of these would work. The joystick makers usually provide drivers for these APIs. Pedals are usually treated the same. Buttons are sometimes mapped to joystick buttons, and sometimes to keyboard ones depending on the driver and your settings.

There is a controller DB at but it mostly lists console style game controllers and I can’t find any similar HOTAS systems listed.

You might be able to get information from Thrustmaster or Logitech about the APIs they use on the OS you intend to work with, and they may even know if it would work with GLFW.