Is it legal glfwWaitEventsTimeout(0.020 - glfwGetTime)?

Ladies, Gentlemen,
Please let me ask your help on question matter. Specifically:
I want that iteration (while function) period be 20 msec. Then in this function I have

glfwWaitEventsTimeout(0.020 - glfwGetTime());

but (very old) machine throws wizard:
“Debug Error!
Program: [program’s path]
abort() has been called
(Press Retry to debug the application)”
I do not see “Retry”. Buttons are in french.
Please let me ask you: Is my statement legal?

The correct approach is to set the period:

glfwWaitEventsTimeout( 0.02 );

Documentation for glfwWaitEventsTimeout is on this page.

Dear Doug Binks,
Please accept my many thanks for you replied and that immediately.