Immovable, Resizable, Bordeless window

Hi, I’m trying to make a specific style of window on Windows using GLFW3. I want a window that has no border and is immovable (I plan on making a custom titlebar with ImGui to replace this functionality) yet is still resizable via the Win32 api.
So far I can make:

  • A window with no border and is immovable but it’s not resizable.


  • A window that can be resized, is unable to be moved but has an ugly white border at the top of the window


Currently I create the GLFW window, extract the window handle and then update the style to get as close as I can now. But I can’t seem to find any method to get the last couple criteria fixed.

Does anyone know how you add either resizing functionailty to a glfw window, or remove the white border from the top of the window

White border mentioned

Welcome to the GLFW forums!

There’s an open issue for this:

Along with a pull request which has an implementation:

There’s also drag support implemented in another pull request:

If you need support now you can merge the branch which the pull request is based on into your own fork of GLFW, or you can wait until it’s merged into master. This may take a bit of time as it’s an old PR with some outstanding issues which need resolving before it can be merged.


Thank you for the link. I’ve forked the repo and I’m going to test it now.