If I can use GLFW to develop a game engine UI and how

how to design a beautiful game engine UI using GLFW

The best thing to start with is to take a look at the current UI libraries which build on top of GLFW, for example:

  1. dear imgui is probably the widest used library for this sort of thing. Though aimed at fast debug style UI it’s been used for lots of game editor UIs, take a look at the examples on the releases page.
  2. NanoVG is a slower but more capable 2D vector graphcis library which can be used to build UIs with, though it has no input or layout handling so you need to make that yourseflf.
  3. NanoGUI is build using NanoVG and offers a simple set of UI basics.
  4. Nuklear is a minimal ANSI C UI library inspired by dear imgui.
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thank you for your reply,and I want to design a editor,I want to use QT as my editor,.Does QT and GLFW can use together?

Qt provides it’s own OpenGL context solution so you do not have to use GLFW to create and manage your window and inputs.

There is an open outstanding issue being worked on to allow GLFW to work with existing window handles, but until this is finished it would be difficult to use Qt and GLFW together in the same window.

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thank you for your reply

I have known how to do it