Identifying Monitor from Monitor Wall

I have a wall of monitors.

I wish to identify which monitor is which in the array.

All monitors names return the same “Generic PnP Monitor”

I was considering using virtual cords but if the something changes with the OS setup then it is possible that the monitors virtual cords could change and identification in this way breaks.

Windows identifies each monitor with a number and this number remains the same boot after reboot.

The GLFW says the pointer and array ordinal may change at each disconnection/reconnect or reboot.

Is it possible for GLFW to provide a persistent unique identifier?

I am simply looking for a way to identify each monitor so saved setups can be aplied to their respective monitor each time.

Please help :slight_smile:

Hi @pennyzenny welcome to the GLFW forum!

Currently GLFW doesn’t provide a unique identifier, there is an open issue for Monitor UUIDs.

In my experience the GLFW number doesn’t change between reboots if the monitors are on at time of program startup. A more robust way to identify the monitors with the current interface would be to compare (or make a hash of & compare) the properties which don’t change - max resolution/refresh, physical size, name, and also compare virtual position as a secondary check for monitors which are otherwise equivalent.