How to install? Ubuntu 13.04, Code::Blocks

zesterer wrote on Wednesday, July 24, 2013:


I’m new to C++ and GLFW. I’ve been a programmer for quite some time, but using simpler languages such as python. Now, I wish to install GLFW because after reviewing all of the ebst OpenGL wrappers and other libraries, this looks like the ebst for me.

I’ve tried installing it, and them instructions are confusing. I don’t even know if it’s installed or not. All I know is that the example program (open a simple window) isn’t working in code::blocks (my favourite C++ IDE).

Can anyone help me set things up? It’s probably quite easy, but I’ve been trying for quite some time and scouring the web, and I have yet to find a set of instructions that works or answers my questions.

Thanks very much,

Barry Smith (Zesterer)

zesterer wrote on Wednesday, July 24, 2013:

Actually, never mind. I solved it myself :wink: