Linking GLFW Code::Blocks (Linux Mint 19)

I am new to OpenGl/GLFW and i am trying to set up Code::Blocks to use GLFW,
But i dont know how to set up or link these things specially in linux.
Can someone Help me please i deeply appreciate it.

I don’t know Code::Blocks but the general instructions for building applications with GLFW can be found in this documentation link.

There is a Code::Blocks wiki for GLFW if you follow this link.

Hello thank you for your time.
I did read those references but i didn’t quit understand how “Noob”.
So if you have a step-by-step guide i would love to read it.

I’m sorry, I don’t know Code::Blocks.

Well thank you any way have a nice day :slight_smile: .

Wait i found how to do it,i watched this youtube video.
this is the src :
So if a noob like me ask the same question give it to him.
God i am so happy.

Ah - I thought you wanted to use Code::Blocks, this is using the command line.

Oh yeah i am sorry i didn’t quit explain.What i wanted was just the process of installation of the Libs i needed,now all i do is link the code::blocks project to them using the project build options.