Good tutorial for glfw 2.7.2

Hello, I have a glfw 2.7.2 and was wondering if someone know a good tutorial for this version of glfw. I was following the 3.x tutorial on the website, but a GLFWWindow* pointer is required all the time, something that does not work with my version, so I get stuck frequently.

Thanks for the help.

If I remember correctly there is not much difference from v2 to v3 in GLFW. The major thing is GLFWWindow* extra argument, but most of other stuff is more or less the same - you open window, register callbacks, and poll events in a loop with call to swap buffers.

Is there any particular difference which is confusing to you? You should be able to open glfw.h header from version 2 and see exact declarations of functions or callbacks.

You can also check “hello world” example that draws simple triangle in GLFW 2 repo:

Thanks mmozeiko. When following the glfw3 tutorial, the last thing that made me confuse was the glfwMakeContextCurrent(window); since it pass the a GLFWindow * as argument. Anyway, currentl I am following this link that I found yesterday:, and if I have some issue, I will give a look into your link, and if that isn’t enough, post here.