GlfwGetKey not processed MacOSX 10.6

mazmaz wrote on Sunday, January 09, 2011:


I had glfwGetKey working fine on my application. But at some point, it just
stopped working; I’m using MacOsx10.6, g++.
For instance if I run the glfw example on wikipedia ([
cs%29%2C) everything works except the glfwGetKey.

For example, if I run the application from the command line, and I start
pressing keys once the OpenGL window is open, I will see the keys pressed
going on the command line (there are not processed by the OpenGL

I realize this issue might not have something to do with glfw, but I have no
idea what could be the cause.

Thanks for your help.

elmindreda wrote on Sunday, January 09, 2011:

See if the events test from the GLFW source distribution works for you.