GLFW_RELEASE events missing

Dont know why i have to find this issue.

When i fill a vector< bool > m_keys;

if ( action == GLFW_PRESS ) m_keys[ key ] = true;
else if ( action == GLFW_RELEASE) m_keys[ key ] = false;

then it goes out of sync in short amount of time,
meaning release events are missing and the m_keys never bevomes false agains.

Which iks kinda a big kick in the nuts when using the keyboard as an music instrument and the notes never stop playing.

I rather stop using GLFW right now, because of unexpected Kindergarten.

Have fun.

It sounds like you might have a bug in your code, but if you’d like to check if GLFW’s key processing has an issue you should run the events.c test code included with GLFW.

If you need help with your code the best way to do this is to make a simplified code sample available on somewhere like Github and link to it, or paste a small working single file sample in your reply.

Note that you don’t need to maintain your own array of key states as you can use glfwGetKey( GLFWwindow* window, int key ) to get the state of a particular key for a given window.

I would also recommend reading the Input Guide: