GLFW with non-English keyboard input methods


I was wondering if there was a way glfw could provide hooks to the OS-Controlled non-English input methods for the keyboard. I am not quite sure what it is called; so here is a picture:

It would be great to have some control over this input method. For example, I would like to disable the OS input but still use it to auto-complete characters (as shown in the box on the top right). An example of this is in the recent update to Counter-Strike (where they recently released in China). They had to re-write their chat system. However, you can now type in whichever language you want, and it uses the OS controlled input method so its no different than typing a word document (with character completion). They also overwrite the OS renderer of the auto-completion and position it right under their chat (even when fullscreened).

This is called IME.

I don’t think GLFW supports it well, there seems to be an issue tracking this feature: