GLFW OSX Sierra Issue: First Responder Issue

When using glfwCreateWindow() on a mac running 10.12.6 (Sierra) with the glfw 3.2.1 installed (both with brew and also built libraries from github glfw source) I get this error:

2019-02-08 14:39:10.265386-0700 glfwTest[3858:10820155] [General] ERROR: Setting <GLFWContentView: 0x100751df0> as the first responder for window <GLFWWindow: 0x100751650>, but it is in a different window ((null))! This would eventually crash when the view is freed. The first responder will be set to nil.
0 AppKit 0x00007fff928a89cf -[NSWindow _validateFirstResponder:] + 557
1 AppKit 0x00007fff9202374c -[NSWindow _setFirstResponder:] + 31
2 AppKit 0x00007fff920cb9ce -[NSWindow _realMakeFirstResponder:] + 406
3 AppKit 0x00007fff920cb7e4 -[NSWindow makeFirstResponder:] + 123
4 libglfw.3.dylib 0x0000000100304895 _glfwPlatformCreateWindow + 631
5 libglfw.3.dylib 0x0000000100300430 glfwCreateWindow + 487
6 glfwTest 0x0000000100000e4b main + 139
7 libdyld.dylib 0x00007fffa9d1d235 start + 1

Is there a branch I could pull with a fix, or could you point me to where I might fix it?

Thanks much!

This seems to be same as these issues:

The fix for this is available here:

Which was done after 3.2.1 release. I suggest trying with latest source from github, not from 3.2.1 release source. If that still happens - open issue on github (make sure you are really using latest source and not linking to brew provided library).