GLFW_FULLSCREEN fails and corrupts X11 visual

nobody wrote on Friday, June 25, 2004:

The two GLFW example programs which open a GLFW_FULLSCREEN window (pong3d and particles) fail to obtain that fullscreen window on my system but  they don’t realize that they have failed, and so they merrily write into the video buffers incorrectly and obliterate the windowed X11 workstation screen terminally.  (Need to restart X11 entirely after that, with loss of running apps.)

When GLFW_FULLSCREEN is replaced by GLFW_WINDOW, everything works as expected.

My SDL-based apps manage to switch the Linux desktop into fullscreen mode perfectly, and they end by reinstating the windowed X11 screen correctly on exit.  This suggests that there is nothing inherently wrong with fullscreen operation on my Linux box here, as both GLFW and SDL are running through the same Mesa.

Is this a known bug?

nobody wrote on Wednesday, July 07, 2004:

This works okay on my system, maybe you can specify the version of GLFW you are using, which X server, window manager (probably not the problem here, but I know Ion does screwy things with GLWF on my system).

Also, have you tried different resolutions/color depths?

marcus256 wrote on Wednesday, July 07, 2004:

The GLFW_FULLSCREEN implementation under X11 is not perfect, I must admit. GLFW 2.5 (current CVS version) has some improvements. It probably solves your problem, but I have found some new problems (of course) - like the GLFW fullscreen window can’t get on top of some WM specific windows.