GFLW and Eclipse

Hello all (or world); I’m trying to compile GLFW under linux with eclipse.

I’ve been trying to use this tutorial with Eclipse and failed:

I can’t seem to have a Debug folder with the glfw3.lib or file after building

Even building the project under make doesn’t give me the library file I’m supposed to use


Welcome to the GLFW forum.

You might be interested in using this CMake GLFW Starter:

There is an Eclipse project generator fro CMake, which you can use by replacing the instruction step 3 with:

cmake .. -G "Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles"

This should generate the required Eclipse project files. Note that I don’t use Eclipse and do not know it well, so cannot help much with it. There is an alternative CMake plugin for Eclipse which you can find if you search online.

The problem even if I used the old make and cmake approach; I still don’t get the glfw.lib or .so file

Have you tried the CMake GLFW Starter I linked to using the default instructions in the project readme?