Compiling GLFW, cannot find the libs

I just begin to install opengl, with help of GLFW, on Linux Mint 18.3…
I used cmake to build the files to compile GLFW. Then, i try to compile GLFW, and it runs with one error (i’ve installed X11, Doxygen and other stuff).
The error is " could NOT find Vulkan (lib and include)"

Questions :
Is Vulkan mandatory ?

A message of cmake is "Build files have been written to glfw-3.2.1

But I don’t find the lib files (libglfw*). Are the lib files built ? If yes where are these files ?

cmake should generate build files for you, you then need to run these.

Normally a Makefile is generated, you then run a make command such as “make all”.

I don’t think you need the Vulkan SDK installed, the message (it’s likely not an error unless it says so) is just indicating that it won’t build against Vulkan as it can’t find the required dependencies. If you just want GLFW for OpenGL you should be fine.

Thanks a lot, it has built and put it in src dir (??). One step past, now trying to build a hello world app… :slight_smile: