Getting Glfw to build, link with angle gles3.0+ on MacOs

I have angleproject building on MacOS Monterey on an M2 machine. Ideally I could find a glfw “hello triangle” program, and sample CMake build options for building Gltf for this context and get it to link and run - then I will convert my app shell to do the same.

Any recent hints or docs about ? ( I have searched but … )

Thanks !

I think GLFW should build by default to be able to run using ANGLE. There is an OpenGL ES Triangle program which you can test with:

GLFW dynamically loads libGLESv2 and libEGL, and use GLAD to load the GLES2 function entry points.

Note that I’ve not tried this with ANGLE on MacOS.

Will try - xxxxxxxxxxxxx :slight_smile:

Well tried it - BUT ( isn’t there always a but ? )
So with Glad seems it is set up to use a website to generate headers and a “c” file.

So I downloaded their python tool from github, and installed the requisite python module “Jinja” -

Well the issue now is I want a python command or a set of commands to do exactly what the web site does when executing them from the command line locally. The samples are a bit vague on this … So far unable to find that concise “do this” script.

This so our build can just call their python generator with the right arguments to generate the headers …

:slight_smile: :). its never easy …