Fullscreen window mode, but not the current way

Hello, I would like to remove the borders on my window, set the windows position to be (0,0) and the size to be (screen_width, screen_heigth).
This will be almost the same as setting the so called “Windowed fullscreen”, but it is a little different because here the mouse can exit the screen.
I really want this behavior, but I do not know if I can do it after window creation. I know I can do it before window creation be setting GLFW_DECORATED.
So someone talked about recreating the window, but keeping the opengl context alive. Is this possiable today?

Hi @xzores and welcome to the GLFW forum,

This sounds very similar to what GLFW actually does when you set the window to be fullscreen at the current monitors video mode.

Note that depending on your driver / OS / window system this may end up triggering exclusive fullscreen mode, as in OpenGL the client application does not have control over this. Simply setting a window which exactly covers the monitor is normally the trigger for fullscreen behaviour. A trick to get around this is to make the window slightly larger in a direction which does not overlap with other monitors (if possible).

The decorated status is both a window creation hint and window attribute, so can be changed after window creation via the glfwSetWindowAttrib function.

Ahh, thank you very much glfwGetWindowAttrib seems to what I was looking for.