Cannot manage to create borderless windowed form

I came up with weird behavior when creating borderless windowed form (I’m using windows). Whenever i set window width & height to current desktop one glfw transforms window to partial-fullscreen, tabbing to window makes it blink & tabbing out does not show tab menu or anything, like on fullscreen (When im tabbed out window is shown as it should be). If i set window width and height to any other size it works perfectly. (GLFW_DECORATED is disabled and monitor is set to NULL while creating the window)

Hi, welcome to the GLFW forum.

The windows code for setting the size in GLFW is as follows:

This doesn’t do anything special about creating a fullscreen window, however the display driver may optimize a fullscreen windowed application by using a direct flip rather than composition.

EDIT: Just to clarify what I mean by this is that the issue you have is likely due to the OS/driver.

Then why this is not happening in other programs/games.

DirectX apps have control over the swapchain.

This also effects other OpenGL frameworks:

A workaround for OpenGL is to set a width or height 1 pixel more than that of the current monitor mode.

There is some further explanation of this in the reply to the issue ‘Choosing between normal fullscreen and windowed fullscreen mode’ .

(These undefined “ways” in that issue is the WGL_SWAP_METHOD_ARB attribute in the WGL_ARB_pixel_format extension.)