Fullscreen minimizes on clicking on another monitor

I have a 2 monitor setup where I want to run two GLFW windows in fullscreen on each. The issue is when I interact with one, the other one minimizes. I read its an Ubuntu 18.04 issue and running the following for SDL fixes it


Is there something similar I can do to prevent this issue from happening in GLFW?

I want to run two fullscreen windows in two separate monitors using the glfwCreateWindow() method.

Hi @CatsNipYummy, welcome to the GLFW forum.

You can use the GLFW Window Hint GLFW_AUTO_ICONIFY to do this. You set this hint with glfwWindowHint prior to window creation, or you can set the similar Window Attribute GLFW_AUTO_ICONIFY using glfwSetWindowAttrib at any point after window creation.

For example:

// now create window