Full screen window that spans across two monitors

Hi GLFW forum,
I’m trying to understand whether it is feasible in GLFW (3.2, on Ubuntu 32 bit) to create a single window, in full screen mode, that spans across the primary and secondary monitor, so to be able to address its area in either or both screen through client window coordinates.
Any help is more than welcome!!

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You can’t use traditional fullscreen mode as this can only set a window to fullscreen on one monitor. However you may be able to create a non-decorated maximized window which covers both monitors.

Hi dougbinks,
thanks for your prompt reply.
I did try to implement your suggestion, and I can nearly achieve what I was looking for, although I do not get a real “full screen” window, since the top line of the Ubuntu desktop is still visible, on both screens, but it’s anyway a good approximation.
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The ability to create a single window covering multiple monitors in fullscreen is useful, so I would consider adding this as a feature request to the GLFW issue list. If you don’t have an account I could file the request for you.

Note that in a quick test on Windows 10 I get a fullscreen window when I call glfwMaximizeWindow on a non-decorated window - I was hoping this would be the same for Linux but haven’t had time to test.

Maximization will likely make it cover only one monitor, but a floating (always-on-top) window might do the trick. It won’t be a full screen window according to the WM, but it should cover the global menu bar.