Debian 12 full screen mode

I have run my software on msys64/mingw, on Linux Debian, on Raspberry Pi 4B but when I moved the same software to Debian 12.2.0, the full screen mode produces a smaller image within the screen.
Previously, I used
window = glfwCreateWindow(SCREENWIDTH, SCREENHEIGHT, “name”, glfwGetPrimaryMonitor(), NULL);
but this no longer works. Is this a Debian change or a GLFW change? Is there a fix for this? I am only using a single monitor and an nVidia GeForce GTX 1060 card.
My monitor is set to 1920x1080 and SCREENWIDTH=1920 and SCREENHEIGHT=1080 so I am not trying to change the resolution.

Hi @Dave-A,

Thanks for the report. Could I check a few things to narrow this down:

  1. What version of GLFW are you using, and have you tried using the latest source code from Github?
  2. What window system protocol are you using - X11 or Wayland (I suspect changing from X11 to Wayland might be the issue as we have had some issues with Wayland).
  3. Do you have any scaling set on the monitor?