Cursor Themes Under Wayland

Hi there. I’ve recently started looking into GLFW and trying to practice in my free time. I use Linux (currently running Arch with KDE Plasma), and I have noticed that GLFW 3.4 has combined support for both Wayland and X11, with it being an option to select one at runtime if need be. I think this is nice, but one thing I’m just wondering about is system cursor themes. If I run a program under X11 (or most likely XWayland in my case), it will use the theme from my system (Breeze). If I use Wayland, it seems to use a completely different theme altogether. It seems to look a bit like Adwaita.

Is there a way to set the system cursor theme under Wayland? Apologies if this just turns out to be something weird with my system and it’s not supposed to be doing this.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Never mind, it seems that my system was just choosing the wrong cursor themes, and that setting my XCURSOR_THEME and XCURSOR_SIZE environmental variables resolved this. I initially thought it was GLFW related since it was the only thing doing it, but apparently it’s something to do with Qt.