Building Windows 64-bit (VS2015)

I have just switched to the master branch (was using the binaries). The VS projects generated seem to have only 32-bit targets. Is there an option I need to pass to CMake to generate 64-bit projects? Or is there something else that is right under my nose?

Yup, it’s a CMake option.

In the CMake GUI pick the generator for your version of VS that ends in Win64, or if you’re on the command-line append Win64 to the generator name (e.g. cmake -G " Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64" ...).

Cmake is a bit of a pain for selecting 64bit on Windows, though the latest
version is trying to make it easier.

I’m away from my computer atm but you need the option like

-G “Visual Studo 15 2017 Win64”

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That worked like a charm. Thanks!