Most examples don't work with 64bit build

anonymous wrote on Saturday, April 28, 2012:


first off, I really need a 64bit version of glfwdll.a and glfw.dll (so I can
hopefully finally succeed in getting the golang glfw binding to work under
Windows … was a breeeeze under Linux!)

Seems like I now succeeded in compiling 64bit versions of glfwdll.a and
glfw.dll using mingw64, MSYS and your make scripts, even though I did get a
couple of error messages along the lines of “maincrt entry point not found,
using default 0xsomehexnumber instead” or some such. Entry points of course
refer to executables, in this case those in the examples directory.

And indeed, most of them don’t work! All got built however. The following
executables work:

listmodes.exe mtbench.exe mthello.exe and particles.exe - the latter being the
only graphical example working for me.

Now what’s the issue with the other ones? They don’t crash, they don’t report
anything to the console… I run them, they return immediately, silently.

Is my build broken? What’s the big difference between the 4 examples that work
and the others that don’t?

This is a fairly new, vanilla Win7 64bit installation. No crapware, everything
up to date, UAC and Themes are off, not a lot of software installed at all,
Nvidia GPU driver updated (GPU Caps Viewer and the likes run fine, so OpenGL
is there).

elmindreda wrote on Sunday, April 29, 2012:

That’s strange. I will investigate the next time I’m on 64-bit Windows.

In the meantime, please file a bug in the tracker.

anonymous wrote on Monday, April 30, 2012:

Hiya, thanks for getting back to me. Actually I was getting a couple warnings
when doing “make win32-msys” - will open a new thread for this and hope
someone can shed some light on this…

elmindreda wrote on Tuesday, July 03, 2012:

The failure to build 64-bit GLFW binaries with MinGW-w64 was due to bugs in
the MinGW makefiles. Fixes for these issues are included in GLFW 2.7.6, which
will be released shortly.