Working on a new tutorial series (and a crashing problem)

bastiaanolij wrote on Saturday, April 04, 2015:

Hi All,

Over the past few weeks I’ve slowly been writing up a tutorial as I’m building a little hobby project of mine. I’ve done a few things with GLFW so far but starting from scratch gave me a bit of an option to write some experiences down.

Today I finished part 6 (really part 3, two were just compiling what I had done so far from Mac to Windows) and the first I’m doing something worth showing so here is the link:

The source code is on my github page here:

Be gentle, I have only just started, and the latest version has only been tested on a Mac:)

Anyway, I do have a problem I’m hoping to get an answer too. I’ve noticed that after restarting the example a few times eventually my Mac just hangs. I have a suspicion if I quit the application by closing it (red icon or CMND-Q) instead of pressing escape, my cleanup code doesn’t get run and my Mac eventually gives up on my little app and all I can do is reboot.



bastiaanolij wrote on Friday, January 01, 2016:

Just in case anyone is interested, I’ve slowly been chipping away at this and took this as far as I want to take this as far as 2D is concerned:

Here is a little video of what it does so far: