Windows window title bar icon


I have read handful of related topics, got many times the program to compile, but the title bar icon remains default icon.

How can i replace default title bar icon (left top corner)?
I did not create the software, nor am i programmer, i’m only customizing theme.

The code is here:

I think the program is written in C++, using:

Few other maybe relevant libs:
stb (seems to be only connected to imgui, not glfw)

GLFW allows you to set the window icon with glfwSetWindowIcon, however since this is a project maintained by someone else you should try asking via the LuxCore github issues or the LuxCore forum.

Looks like i need GLFW 3.2 or newer, but the program is using 3.1.1. So nothing to do at the moment.

You can also change the icon on Windows (the platform whose source you link to) by adding an icon resource to the generated visual studio project and naming the icon GLFW_ICON, there’s some information about adding icons on this stackoverflow question.

Thank you, i got it working by editing CMakeLists.txt files.

My rc file in below:
GLFW_ICON ICON DISCARDABLE “luxcorerendericon.ico”

And in CMakeLists.txt i have:
add_executable(luxcoreui {LUXCOREUI_SRCS} {CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/luxcorerendericonresourcefile.rc)

I have done this two times, for GUI and for console window.
The icon is 200 pix and 32bit + 10 bit alpha, but console window icon is very low quality.
Is the console window not running in GLFW? It may be windows bad font and icon scaling issue, i have my font at 250%.

You can include different sizes of image into one .ico files. Then Windows will automatically choose closest size to actual size on screen. This way you can prepare higher quality images for smaller sizes (200px is huuge).

For sizes you should include check out these links:

Thanks for the tip.
I did joint / multi resolution icon (16, 20, 24, 28, 30, 31, 32, 40, 42, 47, 48, 56, 60, 63, 84, 186)
and the quality improved quite a bit.

It’s picking correct 60 pix icon for taskbar and 40 pix for window title bar.
The console window icon is stretched to 40 pix, but looks to be limited at some smaller res (maybe 16 to 32 or so). No issues with desktop icon at 120 pix.