Weird crash problem Windows 10

bastiaanolij wrote on Sunday, January 24, 2016:

Hey All,

Not sure where to start looking with this one. My little sample application has started crashing on my PC. I do all my development on my Mac so I hadn’t tested on my PC for awhile. Now initially thinking I may have done something weird in the code I went back to basics and started with the standard sample on the GLFW home page. Still crashes. The only difference is recently upgrading to Windows 10 however there is another factor here. I’m using a 2 year old Alienware laptop that has both an Intel and NVidea graphics card. The intel one is used for basic UI stuff to keep the powerusage down, the NVidea kicks in once you start doing serious things.

If I run the sample using the intel graphics card, all is fine. Switching to Nvidea and it starts to crash. I need the NVidea card to run OpenGL 3/4 shaders which I had running previously when I was still on Windows 8.

This could thus very well be a driver issue with the NVidea card but there may be something that’s changed in initialisation. Any pointers would be very welcome.



bastiaanolij wrote on Sunday, January 24, 2016:

Alright guys, I solved my own issue after doing a bit of googling and I was already heading in the right direction.

Turns out Windows 10 really did a number on NVidia. Loads of issues with things not working properly including people getting stuff halfway through the windows 10 upgrade. Part of the problem is that the application NVidia installs to check for driver updates failed as well. I had noticed this not wanting to download support files but it kept telling me I had the latest driver. Not so, there is a new one. Downloaded manually, installed, problem solved. Looks like it may solve a bunch of issues I was having.