Using GLFW with cuda pointer

I’m new to GLFW (and OpenGL for that matter), and I have build an app over this example :

However, unlike in this example, I have my image (frame) in BGRA format on the cuda memory. As for my understanding, glTexImage2D() can not get cuda pointer. I saw a few solutions for this problem using pbo with pure opengl (or freeglut), but I could not find any example or explanation on how to do that with GLFW.

What is the best way to go about in this case? is pbo is really the way to go also with GLFW? if so, any good example that doing so?

Much obliged for your assistance,

Hi Liron,

Once you have created a window with GLFW the OpenGL functions you need to use are almost all entirely simply OpenGL ones, so in this case you should be able to use the same solution you have found.



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