"uncategorized" not among "all categories"?

It seems that if I post in the “uncategorized” category, my post does not show up for “all categories” and “Latest.” I suppose that could be considered logical insofar as that the word uncategorized means my post has no category and therefore should not be included if I am interested in posts in “all categories.” However I worry that if I use “uncategorized” then maybe many people will not find my post. The fact that “uncategorized” is the default makes this idea especially disconcerting.

Thanks for spotting this, I’ve resolved the problem. I think this was a mistake in the settings, probably due part of discourses defaults but perhaps @elmindreda intended uncategorised posts not to be displayed on the homepage (this is the setting which also causes them not to be displayed in latest or all categories).

I removed the uncategorized category. Every post there belonged in support. If there is need for more categories, please ask for them here on meta.