Supports UTF 8 encoding


GLFW supports UTF 8 encoding for functions XSetClassHint
I think for sure it is, how to set it up?


GLFW has UTF-8 Unicode support since version 3.0. To set a UTF-8 window title simply pass the UTF-8 string to the title parameter of glfwCreateWindow.

The window title works fine, and it is, I mean XSetClassHint as I mentioned before.

HI @Rafal,

Apologies - I linked to the required documentation but there’s a fair amount there so I’ll summarise:

During window creation GLFW sets the res_name and res_class properties to the title parameter of the call to glfwCreateWindow function, unless the environment variable RESOURCE_NAME is set, or the window hints GLFW_X11_CLASS_NAME or GLFW_X11_INSTANCE_NAME are set.

See the glfwCreateWindow documentation for more.

In your example it looks like there is an issue with the resource name not being displayed as utf-8. This could be a bug, though it looks like res_name is expected to be in the encoding of the current locale - so you may need to set a utf-8 locale for this to work. I am not an expert on this so I’m not sure.

My locale is fine, part of the application displays the name correctly, for example GIMP.
The other libraries that I have are based on GLFW

Can someone test it? Unix/Linux, I’ll be sure the bug is on my side.

Thanks for helping Doug.