Static lib problem probably

Hi all, probably basic issue. So, I’ve got an app that uses cpp bindings to glfw. But it requires latest version of glfw. I have 3.1.2 at the moment, but downloaded and compiled libglfw from source. However I got: In function TWorld::OnKeyDown(int)': World.cpp:(.text+0x2505): undefined reference toglfwGetKeyName’ . Which, to my limited knowledge means that static lib hasn’t been updated. What should I do? System Linux, Debian-like, Ubuntu descendant, nvidia390.

glfwGetKeyName was introduced in version 3.2, so if you downloaded the latest source package from then you should have that function. You should be able to check the code you have to see.

However “undefined reference” is a linker error rather than a compile error. This means that the function declaration in the header was found, but there is some problem in matching that to a compiled function. This could be due to not linking with the right library - your program might be linking to the system installed library rather than the one you just compiled.

Exactly. Maybe I described it a too vague way.
I found out that while the library compiles and installs without any apparent issue, it does not update . But only when installed from source. I just downloaded deb from distro up (I have stable derivative of Ubuntu 16.04, debs with libglfw 3.2.1 are in 18.04 and up). And installed from deb it worked like a charm. But from source there should be at least a warning of sorts.