Possible to set window as bottom-most window?

Hi, is it possible to set the window to always be the bottom-most window? I already found a way to do it on Windows, but it seems to be a bad way, that is not recommended. Is there any platform independent or dependent way of doing it with glfw windows?

There’s no GLFW method for setting the window as bottom-most.

A potential approach for you might be to use the window creation hint GLFW_FOCUS_ON_SHOW which if set to false will not bring the window to the front when created. Other alternatives might be to minimize the window, create it hidden, or bring another GLFW window in the same process to the front.

The only similar function available is that you can focus the Window (make topmost and give input focus). This is mostly best used when you have multiple windows in one process and the user performs an action which needs this window brought to the front (so they are not surprised by input focus being taken from them).

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Ok, thank you for the reply. Not giving the window focus currently seems to be the best way of having a bottom-most window. So, as long as you don’t give the window focus, it will stay in the back. Maybe a followup question: Is it possible to hide the window from the taskbar with glfw?

You can’t hide a visible window from the taskbar, but you can make a window hidden which will also hide it from the taskbar.

See the documentation on Window visibility.

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