One (of the two) windows in fullscreen mode is not fullscreen (Mac Os)

marinosk wrote on Sunday, February 07, 2016:


In my app (C++14, MacOsX 10.11) I use glfw3 to create two windows that should run in fullscreen mode in two monitors with different native resolutions. I’m creating the windows like this:

 glfwCreateWindow(capture_monitor_width, capture_monitor_height, "Capture Window",capture_monitor,NULL);
glfwCreateWindow(projection_monitor_width, projection_monitor_height, "Projection Window",projection_monitor,NULL);

(where projection_motinor_width, projection_monitor_height,capture_motinor_width,capture_monitor_height have been retrieved by the appropriate GLFWvidmode* and they have been tested to be correct in all cases)

The problem is that while I’m getting the fullscreen window correctly in my primary monitor, in my secondary one it is displaced upwards so that it only covers the upper 3/4 (more or less) of the screen. Note that by simply replacing projection_monitor with NULL in the snippet above I get a properly aligned window that does cover the entire screen (yet it has a title bar which I don’t need in my app).

Any ideas? Could this be some sort of bug? Any hacks around it?

(this is a duplicate of my question in stack_overflow here:

marinosk wrote on Tuesday, February 09, 2016:

Just to report that with the devel version the problem disappears, so it’s apparently a bug that’s already fixed.

Yes, this was issue 653.