Not understanding install - MSVC++ 2010

daspirit wrote on Friday, November 04, 2011:

Hey, I’m new to GLFW, as you may have noticed and I am having trouble
installing GLFW under Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express. I have been searching
for 2 days and tried various things on my own to install this and the readme
itself is too confusing. I have installed SDL and GLEW before so I tried using
those methods of installing but to no avail. Can someone explain the steps one
by one for me? Here is what I’ve done:
I have extracted and downloaded the files got GLFW 2.7.2. I opened the
support->msvc10 and opened the project in there which I then built. I then
found the glfw.lib and the glfwdll.lib files, and put it in my MSVC++ library
folder. Afterwards, I put the glfw.dll file into my system32 folder. I
approached to open my project folder and set GLFW.lib and opengl32.lib as
additional dependencies. I am using the simple GLFW window code in the Users
Guide but whatever I do gives me an error about the library. What am I doing

Sorry, I’m pretty much new to everything. I also want to statically link, by
the way.