Need Urgent Help

wagenheimer wrote on Thursday, February 22, 2007:

Hi! =)

I am using GLFW to do a game, and and having some problems! There are some way to i contat you by MSN, ICQ or another Instant Messaging?

My big problems are!

- The window should not be able to be resized or maximized
How to set this?

- The icon in the title bar and taskbar need to be updated.
I´m using the Lazarus Version! How do i set the icon in taskbar?

- The system mouse cursor should not show on top of the game’s graphical cursor. Either the system cursor or the game’s cursor should be disabled when the mouse is over the WSG window and/or WSG is the active application.
I´m using a Graphical Drawed cursor… if i disable the cursor with glfwDisable(GLFW_MOUSE_CURSOR); i have problems in windowed mode, which the cursor does not show when i get out the game screen. How may i solve this?

- When dragging the WSG window around or when dragging another window around the desktop, the right side of the WSG window seems to flicker with what looks like a ghost image of what used to be on top of it.

- All I did was ALT+TAB out, and back to the game, and my mouse cursor disappeared.

- I moved the game (in windowed mode) to my second monitor. The game constantly flickers over various portions of the screen.

Any help to solve any of this problems will be very gracefull! Thanks!
Cezar Wagenheimer