Maximising Window differences from 3.2 to 3.3

I have an existing project that has been using glfw 3.2 for a while now on windows 10 and recently tried to update to 3.3 but noticed that the behaviour of maximising the window on creation seems different? Previously when setting GLFW_MAXIMIZED the window would correctly maximise on creation, but on 3.3 it seems to be in a “maximised state” ie. the maximise button appears as a restore button, but the window only takes up about a 1/4 of the screen size. Clicking restore and then maximise again will correctly maximise the window. This leads to a lot of frustration with window positioning etc inside my project itself.

I’m not sure what’s causing the issue, but I have seen similar behaviour to this with other apps because my windows desktop has resolution scaling on and some apps seem to not play nicely with it. Perhaps some internal modifications didn’t take resolution scaling into account?

It’s not a big deal right now as I was able to downgrade back to 3.2 without any issue. But it is a blocker for further upgrades in the future for me.

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We resolved a previous issue with GLFW_MAXIMIZED in 3.3, but it’s possible that this fix has issues on your system configuration.

Could you give a little more information about your resolution, resolution scaling, how you are launching the application (from MSVC or clicking exe), and if you can reproduce with a minor alteration of the sample code that would be great to see and I will try to reproduce the issue later on this week.

So my setup involves a laptop and 2 external monitors. I use the laptop display as the primary display for the GLFW application. The laptop scale is at 125% 1920x1080 and the two other monitors are at 100% 1920x1200. One of them is in portrait orientation.

I generally run the application from visual studio in debugging mode but also noticed running the exe directly resulted in the same situation. Unfortunately I rolled back the changes and don’t have a lot of time to test out much in the way of code alterations right now but when I get some spare time I’m happy to start poking around some more.

Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately I have been pretty busy lately and did not notice the reply. I should probably alter my notifications!

I’ve had time to briefly look at this and indeed when creating a window with glfwWindowHint( GLFW_MAXIMIZED, GLFW_TRUE ); the window does not appear maximized but the maximize button is in the same state as when maximized.

This should be reported as a issue. If you have a github account do you want to file it on if not I can do it for you. Hopefully I’ll also get a chance to look at and resolve this myself soon as well.

OK - I have a fix for this and will do some checks and hopefully submit the fix tomorrow (after filing the issue if you don’t do so before hand).

I’ve submitted the issue as

This is great news! Thank you very much.

This should be fixed in master now. Thank you for reporting this and for your patience.