Installation Project

alinakipoglu wrote on Monday, June 02, 2014:


Im working on an installation project. I have 12 monitors, 1 computer with two AMD FirePro W9000 each got 6 monitor output.

I need to create two windows. Each has its own separate content. First window needs to span 7 and second one 5 monitors.

Since each card got only 6 output my setup must be like this :

  • Window spanning 7 monitors :
    --------W9000 1
    -----------Monitor 1 to 6
    --------W9000 2 (Shared context with W9000 1)
    -----------Monitor 7

  • Window spanning 5 monitors :
    --------W9000 2
    -----------Monitor 8 to 12

I checked Equalizer framework, im still working on it but i thought it might be easier to setup with GLFW + Glew MX. Which i have no experience in both.

I spent some time with GLFW documentation and i wasn’t able to learn how to create this setup. For example during window creation i don’t know how to specify a GPU for the context or how to choose multiple monitors for my window to span.

Is this is possible with GLFW?

I found this blog posts explaining some other useful things related to this subject :


elmindreda wrote on Wednesday, June 18, 2014:

There is no GLFW function that just solves this for you, but there are functions that will let you figure out the areas of the various monitors. You can create borderless windows and with 3.1 you will be able to create floating windows.