I have a question about fps

Hello everyone
I am learning opengl at LearnOpengl.
But when I run the code with INTEL GPU, I found the fps is over 1000.
I use glfwSwapInterval(1) to control fps, then I can see the fps is obviously less than 60.
I also run same code with NVIDIA GPU, But I don’t find any problem.
My divice is surface go and a laptop, I find this question in my two INTEL GPU devices.
I download Fraps to get the fps, but when I open Fraps ,the fps is miraculously return to 60,
And then I close Fraps, the fps problem come again.

The English is not my native language, I hope you can understand what I say
And I will appreciate when you give some advice

Hi Breeze,

Welcome to the GLFW forums!

What you describe sounds like correct behaviour.

With glfwSwapInterval(1) the application should run at <= refresh rate.
With glfwSwapInterval(0) the application can run at any rate,and should run faster than with glfwSwapInterval(1).

I do not know why FRAPS would change the frame rate.

We have seen some issues with OpenGL on Intel hardware, see:


We believe these are Intel driver related, so if you are experiencing a similar issue please try updating your drivers first.

If you struggle with English it might help to write the post in your own language and also in English - there’s a chance someone might be able to read it (I can read French and basic Dutch and German), and Google translate from your language may also help us in addition to your own English (which is very good).

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Hi dougbinks
I have to say thank you because your reply is solved my question
I add glGetError and glFinish in my main loop, the issue disappeared
Although I don’t know glGetError and glFinish is do what in my program, It is useful

thank you