glfwTerminate crashes program

My program runs fine, but ever since I implemented Mesh and Shader creation,
glfwTerminate() seems to crash the program.

I used the debugger and it returned this:

It appears using glfwDestroyWindow also causes the program to crash, thanks to a segmentation fault.
This hasn’t been a problem on any of my other programs, so I don’t know what’s going on.

OS: Windows 10
I’m using OpenGL

I’ve not experienced this issue on Windows 10 glfw with OpenGL, though I use Visual Studio to compile my programs. I would thus expect an application issue.

I would start looking at this by getting the latest GLFW and compiling an example or test, then running one of these, perhaps the GLFW example simple.c.

If you can get that to work, then you may have a error in your own code. If debugging your code doesn’t help then perhaps commenting out or removing parts until you have the minimal amount of code can help pinpoint the problem, and if you can reproduce this with a small code sample then perhaps you could share that here for help.