glfwOpenWindow creates 2 threads

anonymous wrote on Monday, December 06, 2010:

Windows 7 x64 Visual Studio 2010 Debug Win64

glfwOpenWindow creates 2 threads, one of them never exits, and neither does
the whole process.

I am calling it from a console application and monitoring the threads
creatiion in the debugger. A minimal blank screen example from the user’s
guide, once closed, I call glfwTerminate(); and return 0; rather than EXIT,
because it’s up to the main console App to finish and so it does, but the the
console stays open and the process won’t exit. So I have to force close the
console window manually. The orphan thread exits with an error code. What has
it been doing?

elmindreda wrote on Tuesday, December 07, 2010:

Where in glfwOpenWindow are the threads created?