GLFW timer suddenly not accurate

nobody wrote on Thursday, March 31, 2005:

All along the GLFW timer has been pretty consistent which it should be for a timer.

However after a few weeks of development, suddenly everything is being animated almost twice as fast. Now it could be that this is a problem in my code.

But i have looked over all the code which is time-based with my backed-up source and there is nothing different which affects the time calculations. I have some sort of a global function which reads the time from glfw every frame and all other code relies on this global function for updating themselves. It could have been my fault if only 1 of these dependants showed increase in speed, but it appears that all the modules depending on the global function have a 2 times increase in speed.

I have looked over my global function and there has been no change in source code. So ive come to the conclusion that for some reason glfw timer is giving me wrong timings, is there anyway i can verify this?

kohaistyle wrote on Thursday, March 31, 2005:

Question : have you updated your GLFW library ?

Some changes have been made to the ‘timing code’, to a better clock frequency detection mechanism … Though, these changes shouldn’t introduce such timing variations …

If you haven’t made any changes to your GLFW library, then the problem is surely coming from your code :slight_smile: