Fossil Fortran programmer

fossilftn wrote on Wednesday, August 27, 2008:

I admit it; I’m a fossil Fortran programmer who remembers how limited GOTRAN was, and still appreciates the improvement from Fortran II to Fortran IV (relational IF statements!). Not to mention the demise of utterly unforgiving keypunch machines. C/C++ and F90 give me fits. All that extra code and headers just to draw a line. I would like to draw real-time curves, lines and three-D surfaces in a live Win2000 window to see how my algorithms are progressing as they are computed. Or with pauses waiting for a keyboard press. I would really appreciate it if someone would produce some wrappers and bindings so that I could use/call GLFW and OpenGL with/from a Fortran 77 program (Open Watcom 1.7 or Absoft Pro).

If not, thanks anyway. Just remember, the wheel keeps turning - some day it will be your turn.