Clarification on GLU deprecation

I asked this question on StackOverflow, but I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the answer:

GLFW says:

GLU has been deprecated and should not be used in new code, but some legacy code requires it.

Many online references I’ve found refer to the gluTessellation as a preferred method for triangulating polygons. I can’t find many other that mentions that these functions (or really any of GLU) have been deprecated or that an alternative should be used, including on the [GLU Wikipedia page](\ The Khronos OpenGL wiki mentions that the view/perspective glu* functions use the matrix stack that no longer exists, but nothing related to the gluTess* functions.

The posted Stack Overflow answer implies that the OpenGL functions used by gluTess* also no longer exist in current OpenGL implementations, and any software relying on them simply won’t work.

For other glu* functions, GLFW has mentioned alternative libraries, like [linmath](\ If we should not be using gluTess* functions, is there a list similar to [this one](\ that provides third party implementation of polygon triangulation?

P. S. apologies for the ugly links (still on the 2-link, new user limit)

Check out Libtess2

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Ooh, I should add a link to that.


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