Assessment of the difficulty in porting CPU architecture for glfw

Hello everyone! I am working on implementing a tool to assess the complexity of CPU architecture porting. It primarily focuses on RISC-V architecture porting.In fact, it can be estimated on average across various architectures. As part of my dataset, I have collected the GLFW project. I would like to gather community opinions to support my assessment. I appreciate your help and response! Based on scanning tools, the porting complexity is determined to be simple, with a small amount of code related to the CPU architecture in the project. (referring to the overall workload from adapting the project to a specific architecture to achieving full functionality on that architecture). Is this assessment accurate? I look forward to your help and response.

Welcome to the GLFW forum.

GLFW doesn’t use any architecture specific code, and it is in use on both x86 and ARM architectures already so compiling for RISC-V (on a supported operating system) will likely already work so long as the dependencies can compile and run on the given platform and architecture.