Ask for a static library vs2008 can use Thank you very much

Could you please give me a glfw3.lib that vs2008 can use? Thanks for being able to render it. Or publish one

GLFW no longer supports Visual Studio 2008.

GLFW 3.4 uses the Visual Studio 2013 subset of C99 and will not compile with Visual Studio 2012 or earlier.

But since my current project is using vs2008, I want to use shader rendering in the project, so I need to use the matching glfw3.lib, what version can meet my requirements? Are there any historical versions of compiled VS2008 libraries available on the official website? thank you !

I do not think there are any versions of GLFW3 compiled for Visual Studio 2008, and the legacy GLFW 2 (link below) does not have any pre-compiled binaries, but the build files are in the support/msvc90 directory.

Thanks for the tip! I took the GLFW version of VS2010 glfw3.lib and used the ready-made glfw3.lib for VS2008. It compiled but glfwCreateWindow returned NULL when initialized glfw configuration

If glfwCreateWindow returned NULL this is because it could not create a window or graphics context. There could be several reasons for this so use glfwGetError to get the error string.

Oh thank you very much, I called this interface and The result is this WGL:The driver does not appear to support OPenGL, I think it has nothing to do with glfw library is opengl version too low?

This could be because you are on a system which does not support OpenGL, or the GPU driver needs to be updated.

Do you know your system information (OS, CPU, GPU etc.)?