GLFW/glfw3.h: No such file or directory, g++, Mate 18.1


I’m new to GLFW and wan’t to try some example code but I can’t compile any. My example c++ code has #include <GLFW/glfw3.h>. I try to compile it with g++ ./test.cpp -lglfw. If i do so, i get the error:
GLFW/glfw3.h: No such file or directory
Already search with google but didn’t found anything what worked for me. Using Linux Mate 18.1.

I installed (sudo apt-get install) libglfw2, 3, 3-dev, 3-doc, -dev,
also libglfw-dev libglm-dev libglew1.13 build-essential libevent-pthreads-2.0.5 doxygen xorg-dev libglu1-mesa-dev
(i know its not the newest version of GLFW but I would like to start working with this)

Any idea what I need to do? Need to add some Path? where it is located? filesearch take ages…and find nothing



On Linux the header files should normally be in /usr/include/GLFW, but the compile error suggests that they are not there. Older versions of glfw were stored in /usr/include/GL instead, in which case your include line needs to be changed to #include <GL/glfw.h>.

Another possibility is /usr/local/include/GLFW, but that is unlikely if you installed through a package manager rather than manually.

If you have locate installed, try searching for them with locate glfw3.h in your shell of choice.


i had nothing in /GLFW but in /GL. There as you noted only glfw.h.
I tried locate (also thanks for that hint) without any result for glfw3.h. So I installed again. After this I have glfw3.h in /GLFW but nothing in /GL anymore. It seems it removes newer version if you install older. and older if you install newer.

Ok, now it can find the header. But I get some different errors like:

error: ‘GLFW_NO_API’ was not declared in this scope

and locate glfw3.h hast still no output


GLFW_NO_API was introduced in version 3.2:

Do you have at least version 3.2?

If your distributions glfw is too old, then simply build glfw from latest release and link statically to it.


GLFW version 3.2 is required for GLFW_NO_API. Are you able to get version 3.2 via apt-get? Otherwise you can download and build a source package.


Ah ok, good to know, thanks. It’s only version 3.
it was just example good, not sure if I need it. I will try other code which works with version 3 then first.

e.g. this one:

(glClear no reference, if i add -lGL it can compile (g++ ./test.cpp -lglfw -lGL)

ok. compiled without error
but if I start the program nothing happens. I instantly get back to console.

Edit: with apt-get I can only get version 3. Thanks for links but I would like to start with apt-get version. If I install something new other things can go wrong :). And program should also work on computer which have only version 3.

(for some reason I need to restart my PC first)
thanks all for your help