Troubles with PellesC

Hello everyone!
I’m working with Windows PellesC.
I’m just wondering, Is there any way to link properly GLFW with PellesC?
I was trying already C-Make-GUI, but it always generates project errors for MSVS 7.0 =(

P.S. Afaik, there is no official support for PellesC already. =(

I don’t think cmake has PellesC project ouput capabilities.

If you can’t use the Visual Studio pre-built libs from with Pelles C then you’ll need to manually add the source code and set up the project to build either a library or directly build the code as part of your project. See for some assistance.

Visual Studio Community edition is free to use for personal and small team work, so if you’re able to use that this would be my advice.

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