Glfw and WIndows 10 problems


By “stop” I mean this,

window is closed, but application not finish to exit

Does the program exit due to an error (crash) or does it continuously loop in some piece of code (hang)?

No crash, no continuously loop. I know it is very strange. Like as when you drive a car and if you finish drive to your home, you leave the car and go to house (program is closed correctly). But in this case you are still inside the car, you are not driving, you stay on the place (in front of your house) with engine turned off. You are not reach finish because you are still inside car. You don’t crash and no under loop (driving).


So you program is exiting normally. You need to debug it step by step in a debugger (visual studio) and see what is happening.


I discover that glfwDestroyWindow() on main window make this problem. When I dont call destroyWindow for main window, then program exit finished. (under Windows 10)

Maybe for better understand, I have all windows inside std::list, that means main window too.


Calling glfwDestroyWindow() will stop you receiving any messages for that window, and if you rely on these it could result in your application becoming unresponsive. This is the only thing I can offer without having access to the full code.